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Due to the impending snow storm, TCNJ will be closed on Wednesday, March 21 through noon on Thursday, March 22 (conditions permitting). See note for Residential Students.

Alert Posted on March 20th, 2018 at 7:14 pm

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Installment Payment Plan

The Tuition Payment Plan is the only authorized payment plan offered by The College of New Jersey.  The Tuition Payment Plan allows you to pay your annual and/or semester charges for tuition, fees, room and board charges in installments.

The payment plan can only be used for the semester indicated by the plan name (e.g. “Fall UG 3 Pay Plan” can be used to cover charges for the fall semester only). You may not use a payment plan to cover a balance from a prior semester. The only exception to this regulation is that the winter session balance can be included in the spring payment plan – there is not a separate payment plan for the winter session.

Tuition Payment Plan Features

  • No interest.
  • Nominal enrollment fee for the annual payment plan and for each semester payment plan. You must be enrolled into the Tuition Payment Plan by the date highlighted on the billing calendar. Once you are enrolled, TCNJ will be notified electronically.  It will take up to seven business days to see your payment plan reflected on PAWS.
  • No credit check or co-signer needed (this is NOT a loan).

Annual Payment Plan

  • Academic year contract period is from July to April.
    • Fall semester – 5 payments (July – November)
    • Spring semester – 5 payments (December – April)
  • The payments are due on the 25th of every month.
  • The enrollment deadline for the 2017-2018 annual plan is September 6, 2017

Semester Payment Plans

Undergraduate Students – 5 Month Payment Plan

  • Fall semester contract period is from July to November.
  • Spring semester contract period is from December to April.
  • The payments are due on the 25th of every month.
  • The enrollment deadline for the Fall 2017 semester plan is September 6, 2017.

Graduate Students – 4 Month Payment Plan

  • Fall semester contract period is from August to November.
  • Spring semester contract period is from January to April
  • The payments are due on the 10th of every month
  • The enrollment deadline for the Fall 2017 semester plan is September 6, 2017.

Payment Plan Enrollment

Enrollment can be completed by phone (1-800-635-0120), or on the web at (

Note: If a student has previously used the payment plan and been terminated, TCNJ may, at its discretion, bar participation from the payment plan in the future.

TuitionPay Plan Shortages

If your Tuition Payment Plan contract is not enough to cover your TCNJ bill, you will need to pay the difference directly to The College by the current TCNJ bill due date as listed on the Billing Calendar.

It is your responsibility to review your TCNJ student account whenever a billing notice is sent. Billing emails are sent to the student’s TCNJ email and the Authorized User’s personal email account.  If your payment plan contract does not cover your TCNJ bill, you may be assessed a late payment fine and/or a registration hold from TCNJ.

Payment plan contracts can be adjusted up to the third payment due date for undergraduate students and the second payment due date for graduate students.  To increase your plan to cover outstanding tuition balances, contact TCNJ’s Payment Plan Representative, Rayanne Tiwari, at 609-771-3145 or

Account in Good Standing

Students and their respective bill payers are expected to keep their payment plan in good standing with Higher One by paying in a timely manner. Failure to make timely payments could result in registration holds on the student’s PAWS account at TCNJ. Students who experience multiple account terminations from the payment plan could have their access to the Tuition Payment Plan blocked for future semesters. If a student’s account terminates for a semester, the student cannot enroll in another payment plan until the semester balance has been paid in full to TCNJ.

Helpful Hints

Tuition and Fee Rates – The tuition and fee rates for each academic year are announced by The Board of Trustees in July.   Please use the tuition rates from the prior year if the Tuition Payment Plan is created before the tuition and fee rates are announced. It is the bill payer’s responsibility to adjust the contract after the tuition rates are announced in July to ensure the payment plan meets your needs.  

Authorized User E-Mail Notifications – The students can designate an alternate bill payer to receive billing email notifications. This will help manage any contract shortages and may prevent being assessed a late payment fine from TCNJ.