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Deregistration is the administrative process of reviewing student accounts each semester for unpaid balances and subsequently removing semester schedules. This process occurs immediately after Add/Drop week is complete. All students at risk of being deregistered will be notified several times of their past due balance and the next best steps. It is the responsibility of each student to check their TCNJ email regularly to ensure they are aware of college practices. Deregistration is not recognized as an approved method to formally drop classes.

Why A Deregistration Process

As part of a student enrolling into classes each semester, they review and sign a Financial Responsibility Statement, which advises them of the responsibility for making timely payment of the debt incurred during enrollment. The academics and support provided to students each semester are tangible services that come with related expenses. Students are required to pay for the services they are provided. As part of the semester billing process, students are issued a bill along with multiple email communications reminding them of their balance owed to the college by a given deadline. A comprehensive administrative process is completed to review student accounts to determine those with an outstanding balance. Deregistration occurs after this review has been completed. Deregistration is intended to ensure students are successful in fulfilling their financial obligation to the college which in turn frees them to succeed in their educational pursuits.

How To Avoid Deregistration

To avoid deregistration, it is important that students submit payment or finalize payment arrangements in a timely manner.

  • Make payment in full using one of our convenient payment options. If mailing payment to our lockbox or the college, please note it could take up to two weeks for payment to be received and posted.
  • Ensure all financial aid has been finalized and is showing as anticipated aid on the student account.
  • Enroll in a payment plan for the amount of the semester bill. Please be prepared to make the first monthly payment at the time of enrollment. For additional payment plan information, visit our website.
  • Meet with Financial Aid or Student Account representatives to discuss payment options and develop a plan of action.

Spring 2024 Deregistration Timeline*

January 4, 2024 Spring 2024 bill issued via TCNJ email to student and Authorized Users
January 16, 2024 Reminder email to all students and Authorized Users of the upcoming payment due date for the Spring 2024 bill
January 22, 2024 Due Date – Bill payment due
January 26, 2024 Email communication was sent to students and Authorized Users – the spring 2024 payment is past due and has the potential for deregistration (date included) from class/housing assignments.
January 29, 2024 Email communication sent to students and Authorized Users – Reminder of potential deregistration from Spring 2024 classes and housing if payment is not made by the deregistration deadline
January 30, 2024 Email communication sent to students and Authorized Users – Non-payment by the opening of business (8:30 am) on January 31, 2024, will result in deregistration and loss of housing.
January 31, 2024 Deregistration occurs for non-payment.  All required college officials are made aware of the roster of students dropped from the Spring 2024 class and housing.
January 31, 2024 Email communication was sent to all students who dropped out of their Spring 2024 classes. Authorized Users are notified as part of this process.

*Dates are subject to change

Financial Aid

If a student is using financial aid to pay their semester bill, it is imperative they confirm all required steps have been completed to avoid deregistration.

  • Confirm the student’s financial aid has been offered, they have accepted it, and it is ready to be posted to the student’s account. If not, please check the student’s To-Do list in PAWS for further information.
  • Due to the federal right to rescind laws and processing timeframes, applying for private and state educational loans within 14 days of the deregistration deadline will not prevent the student from the deregistration process.
  • If a student has private scholarship(s), confirm they have been reported via the student’s PAWS account and are showing as anticipated financial aid. Please be sure to submit the check in person to our office or have the check mailed to: The College of New Jersey, Office of Student Accounts, PO Box 7718, Ewing, NJ 08628-0718. For more information, visit our Private Scholarships page
  • If there are questions or the student is unsure about their financial aid package, they may contact our Financial Aid office at or stop by Green Hall 101 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday – Friday.

Steps To Take If Deregistered

Do not delay! A student dropped from their semester classes will not be allowed to attend class or have access to Canvas for class assignments. A registration hold will be placed on their student account, preventing re-registration until the balance has been paid in full.  When payment has been made in full or payment arrangements finalized (including a $150 late registration fine) and approved by The Office of Student Accounts, the registration hold will be removed, and Student Accounts will work with our Records & Registration staff for re-registration.

The Office of Student Accounts staff is available to meet with deregistered students to discuss payment options. Please reach out to us for assistance.

  • In-person: Green Hall 119 8:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. – Monday – Friday.
  • Phone: 609-771-2172
  • Email:

Payment Plans

Students who enroll in a payment plan to prevent deregistration should be prepared to make the first monthly installment payment at the time of enrollment. If a student terminates a payment plan for the given semester, a registration hold will be applied to their student account to prevent future registration. If a student has already registered for the next semester and then terminates their semester payment plan, they will be subject to deregistration from their next semester’s classes. Any student meeting this criteria will be notified of the potential deregistration and provided with a small window of time to submit payment in full for their past due balance. Lack of payment will result in deregistration from their next semester’s classes.

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