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Authorized Payer for Online Payments

The College has partnered for years with Transact to provide our students and their families with the opportunity to make online payments or initiate a semester payment plan. During the Spring of 2023, we upgraded to a more robust payment platform to provide our families with additional online payment options, enhanced security features, and real-time data transfer.  As we introduce the new features, there are changes to the presentation and process for making an online payment or enrolling into a payment plan.

To assist students and their families with navigating the registration process for Authorized Payers, User Guides are shared below for your review and use.

Students will need to register all payers to allow them to make an online payment via Transact for all charges appearing on their semester bill.  Students will complete this process through their PAWS account. Once registered, all payers will be considered an Authorized Payer.

Note: An Authorized User is separate from an Authorized Payer. A parent/guardian will need the student to assign both roles if they would like to communicate with TCNJ on behalf of the student and submit payment towards the semester bill.

Glossary of Terms

Authorized Payer – an individual who has been granted access by the student to make online payments/payment plans on behalf of their student at TCNJ using the Transact payment gateway

Authorized User – an individual who has been granted access by the student to view their bill and other academic information in our student system, PAWS. A username and PIN number is generated for authentication purposes. This access allows the individual to discuss a student’s account with college officials. For further details on Authorized User, please visit

Transact – our third-party provider that hosts the online payment gateway as well as the payment plan portal.

GradGuard – our third-party provider offering tuition insurance. This coverage is optional and if purchased will protect out-of-pocket payments should the student need to take a leave of absence or withdraw during a semester.

User Guides


How to Invite an Authorized Payer

How To Navigate the Payment Website – Make a Payment as a Student

Enrolling into a Payment Plan

Removing / Resetting Authorized Payer Credentials

Student Guide – Full Version of all Student Guides


Parents / Guardians

How to Make a Payment as an Authorized Payer

Enrolling into a Payment Plan as an Authorized Payer

Authorized Payer – Full Version of all Parent/Guardian Guides



  • Additional payment options via electronic 529 and wire transfers
  • Additional security features for payers using Authorized Payer
  • Opportunity to review TCNJ’s refund policy and purchase/decline tuition insurance for the semester at the time of payment
  • Account balance visible at the time of payment or enrollment into a payment plan
  • Pending financial aid shared at the time of payment to assist with accurate payments

Online Payment Options

  • Credit Card (American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa)
  • E-Check (ACH) – from a personal checking or savings account
  • 529 Transfer  –  electronic transfer from an authorized 529 provider
  • International Wire Transfer – payment via wire

NOTE: Transact does not work with New Jersey or surrounding states 529 providers. If your provider is not listed as a payment option, please work with your provider to have a check mailed to the address available on our Bill Payment Options page

Payment Plans

  • A student is only allowed one payment plan per term. If there will be another Authorized payer, we have special plans available to accommodate these circumstances. Please contact our Payment Plan Administrator at 609-771-3145 or to complete your additional plan enrollment.


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