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1098T Form – Tax Credits for Higher Education

Tax Information

Tax Credits for Higher Education – Form 1098-T

Colleges and universities use Form 1098-T to report information about tuition, fees, scholarships, and grants posted to a student’s account to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as required by the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997. The reported information is used to determine eligibility for educational tax credits such as the American Opportunity Credit. For more information on tax benefits for education, review Publication 970 on the IRS website at The College of New Jersey cannot give tax advice, however please contact a tax adviser for assistance.

In addition, TCNJ is required to provide each eligible student with a copy of their Form 1098-T on an annual basis. This form is informational only and serves to alert students that they may be eligible for federal income tax education credits. A copy of Form 1098-T is furnished to students in late January.


The 1098-T form is mailed annually, typically during the month of January, to the permanent home address in PAWS for those students meeting the requirements for issuance of a 1098-T. If a student would like to receive a 1098-T form electronically, they can enroll into this feature by visiting If you enrolled for the electronic form, a Heartland Key would be emailed to you by ECSI in January when the forms are available online.


If the student enrolled to receive their 1098T form electronically, please follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the homepage for ECSI
  2. Click on the “Find Your Tax Document” box
  3. Either Register to create a profile with ECSI or sign in if you already have an ECSI profile set up
  4. Click on “Connect An Account”
  5. Enter your Heartland Key – if the key is not an exact match, you may be prompted to enter additional points of verification. If you don’t have a Heartland Key, you will be able to search for it on your account.
  6. From the School Accounts page on your profile, click on the “School Tile”
  7. Click on “View Account” and select the tax form to display

For additional details of the Retrieval Process, please review the ECSI 1098-T FAQ page.

If you are having trouble retrieving your 1098T form or need further assistance with the ECSI website, please contact ECSI  using their chat feature or 1098T phone line available on ECSI – Contact Us




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