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Student Permission Form

The Department of Education requires a student’s authorization before the Title IV financial aid credits can be applied to prior semester balances. Students have the ability to complete the online Student Permission Form authorizing the College to pay the outstanding charges with your financial aid credit.

The form is located in the Finances section of your Student Center. To access your Student Center, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to MyTCNJ at
  2. Click on PAWS
  3. In Self Service, click on Student Center
  4. In the Finances section, click on the drop down arrow located next to “other financial…”
  5. Select View Student Permission Form and click on the go arrows
  6. On the permission form page, click on the green box – Grant Permission – and follow the steps

Click the following link for a visual step-by-step instructions to complete the Student Permission Form – Instructions for completing the Student Permission Form

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