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Change to the tuition and mandatory fee structure.

At the July Board of Trustees meeting, because there had been previous confusion regarding mandatory costs for attendance, the board approved a change in how the college charges for Student Services-related operations (health services, athletics, intramurals, campus wellness, fitness services, etc.) and technology infrastructure. Previously, these costs had been funded through the Student Services and Computing Access fees. Beginning this year, they have been fully incorporated into the tuition rate. The Student Services and Computing Access fees have been dropped. As a result, the net increase in tuition and fees for 2017-18 is only 2.25% over 2016-17.

We recognize that this change may create confusion for those who only look at the increase in tuition without realizing that it has been offset by the elimination of two mandatory fees. Ultimately, however, we hope it will make the charges on the student bills easier to understand and bring us in line with pending state legislation that will mandate improved transparency of tuition and fees.